Hey guys, so recently I've been trying to practice and improve my double bass speed and accuracy, and I've realized that my playing kind of goes in mountains. One day everything will be easy and natural, then it'll start going downwhill and getting harder, until it goes back up again, and everything gets easier (I am get seemingly better than before). Is this normal? Will this kind of "mountain" ever go away?
I'm not completely sure what you mean, but I will say that how well you play will vary from day to day. It goes without saying that if you can't concentrate you won't play as well, obviously
Like one day it'll be fairly easy to play quickly and accurately, but the next it'll be harder, and slowly become more difficult, until eventually it begins getting easier again within about a week. But that pretty much answers my question, thanks.
If you've just recently started playing double bass then the periods of time where it seems like you just can't do what you could the day or two before, it's probably the muscle fibers rearranging themselves and whatnot, but in my experience stretching and warm ups (playing like 10-15 bpm slower than your goal tempo for a while, then speeding it up) help a lot to deal with this, it's just an aspect of the human part of being a drummer. The "mountain" going away is just the muscle memory becoming more developed, I suspect, which is a good thing. I find if I usually practice double bass consistently for a few days and then don't work on it for one day, it generally seems easier to play the day afterward.
That last part is pretty much what im trying to say. Atleast I know im not doing something wrong, thanks.