[ Okay, so I feel the need to explain this for a bit before posting it. This was based off a conversation with a friend of mine about the situation in our country ( Portugal ) and talking about the need or unnecessity of manifestations and how the government needs to be dismantled and revolutions and so on. It's not a subject I like to talk about since I hardly have a political opinion; but I have an opinion on the society and how the people deal with these problems. So, with that said, I don't like to take a side and I'll say this has nothing to do with my personal opinion on this. It's merely a piece of poetry based off this long conversation. Thank you for reading it. ]

Our throats are nothing
without tank wheels marking
the compass in the background,
so take a pill for the raucity,
rip off your amateur signs
and break the megaphone against
the gates of the national assembly.

You blame me for my apathy,
but we both know if I knocked
on the door of the armed forces
and asked them to join me
on a coup d'état,
they'd probably erase me
before thinking we might need
their highness as our war drums.

We want to achieve rights through peace,
but we must beat chaos with tamed chaos.
It'd only take some shots to the air
with machine guns and the government
would cowardly piss itself, as if
it owned the sky we were aiming at.

Until then,
you and me are nothing but old ladies in balconies,
watering the carnations that once named a revolution.
I love political writing. This was not what I was expecting after the intro. It's clever, but surprisingly reserved. I feel I can understand your opinions and thoughts as you are not beating me with them. This was smooth and easy to swallow, Andre, and that sounded way dirtier than I intended.
I did not read the OP very carefully, and all i could think was "this would be amazing as a poem". Then i read it again.
I like political texts when they feel like there's something behind them rather than blind angst, and this one really got me. I really like it.
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