These are the first lyrics I've ever written, advice would be nice please. Really want to improve my skills. It's just one verse or chorus no melody yet.

The aversion is escalatin
Building up a mind of horror
Dragging down on the strings of your sanity
All hope is lost
Dazed illusions flood your head
The light is dimming
The light is fading
No more safety
No more refuge
I'm really no expert, but i'm having a hard time thinking of a consistent melody for this. The verse seems to be written in a way that would make singing it well hard.
Again, i'm as much a beginner as you are, just my two cents.
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Yeah cheers guys looking over them I realise that, I never manage to think of good melodies so I tried to write lyrics before melody, doesn't seemed to have worked
Hey, I think it depends on the genre that the lyrics are going for. For certain styles of music I think these would fit in really well. For others, not so much. What were you going for?

*also, in regards to the discussion about melody/lyrics, I've found that sometimes trying to develop them together at the same time gives you the most natural combination of the two.
Well I'm into sort of avenged sevenfold bullet type of metal so some screaming etc , what do you think it's suited too?
im no expert at lyrics and melodies but i think if you screamed in a melody similar to the "ive lost my mind" part of welcome to the family it could work