I'm learning SRV's version of Mary Had A Little Lamb and there's a bar in the solo that I'm struggling with and I'm interested in how other people play it:


What fingering do people use for this? First finger on the e string the whole way? Bar the g,b & e strings at the 12th fret for the second notes? Pick and finger or muting the b string?

How did Stevie play it? Thanks!
Yes I bar the twelfth fret with my index finger and then use the pick to play the lower notes and use your bird or middle finger to play the higher notes with downstrokes hitting the high e string with the nail of your middle finger. It could also be played with the flesh of the tip of your middle finger using more of an up stroke that is more similar to traditional finger picking.
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First finger Barre on 12th fret, partial or full its not that important. I'd use my middle or ring finger, but thats only if you cant stretch enough on your middle.