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I really love the tones of the Moog Freq box, especially in the beginning and middle of this video.

The problem is that the Freq box is a bit expensive for a pedal I wouldn't use a lot of the features on. I'm wondering if there is a cheaper/ simpler device that can make these sounds.

I have a blue box, I know of Zvex Mammoth and Fender Blender but the Freq box just sounds different, way more robotic and unique so I'm looking for something that can make the sounds of the Moog settings in the video and that is really it.
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Nothing I'm aware of will come close.

Maybe someone else knows of something. You might have to combine something like a Fuzz Factory with the oscillation and pair with the EHX Synth.
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i got a freq box... and a handful of other moogerfoogers.

sorry, nothing else is close.
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