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What's a band, or a group, or a musician that when you listened to them, just compelled you in such a way that you can't even describe other than life-changing?

I've got two:
Alter Bridge
Jeff Buckley.

Alter Bridge, just because when I first listened to AB III, it struck a chord with me because the entire album is about questioning one's own faith, and I was dealing with things at the time that had me questioning everything I knew.

And Jeff God, his voice. His music. Can't even describe how it makes me feel.

How bout you guys?
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Tool blew my mind. That song Sober touched my heart. That line "step I take" is a metaphor for how our generation is built around watching TV instead of going out and exercising and with that is proof of the brainwashing our government is doing through the TV to our youth.

The line "I will chew it up and leave" is about the obesity of our culture. We are built around materialism and materialism = food. By eating tons of food, we become fat.

The best line ever in the entire song is "trust in me". This line is clearly about how we're being lied to by the government and about 9-11. Clearly the fascist US government is to blame.
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Pink Floyd
Led Zepp
The entire Fresh Horses album by Garth Brooks.

Cause a mutha ****a always be needing fresh mounts.
Red Hot Chili Peppers, When my dad bought Californication and played it in his car stereo is a very distinct moment in my music history. To this day they are still my favourite band.
Breaking Benjamin (before Ben was a dick and broke up the band) and System of a Down.
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Johann Sebastian Bach made me realize that music is horizontal, not vertical. That changed everything.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Honestly, I was like 12 or 13 or something, and it was the first time that I heard music and lyrics that were that personal. I mean, before him, I don't think I paid lyrics as much attention as I do now.

If it wasn't for him, I would have never looked at music differently. It would have never become as important to me as it is now. I'd have never picked up an instrument. You know. All that.

I feel like if I hadn't heard songs like this as a kid, I'd have still been a gamer, a car nut, etc. My taste in music would never have developed in the way it did.
First off, AC/DC. I may not listen to them any more, but they were the band that got me into music. They're the reason I started playing guitar. And while I absolutely abhor their music now, I'll never forget the influence the had on me when I was 12. Or 13, I forget...

Then there's The Black Dahlia Murder. They were the first band with screaming vocals that I got into. Which puts me where I am today, in a band with plenty of screaming and breakdowns and whatnot
I've got 3.

Randy Rhoads - He is the player that made me want to learn how to play.

Jimi Hendrix - His playing/songwriting speaks to my heart like no other.

King's X - When I first discovered them, I felt as though I had found the sound I'd been hearing in my head for many years. Hearing them confirmed to me that you could be heavy, melodic, and have lots of groove.
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Linkin Park got me into music, life changed 3ever.

Metallica got me into metal, life changed 4ever.

Thursday got me into post-hardcore type stuff, life changed 5ever.
Rhandy rhodes, the man who got me playing guitar,
Iommi the god father of the heavy riff, a reminder that I don't need to vomit down a billion notes to sound heavy as ****.
Gilmore a reminder that you don't need sweeps and other bs to make a solo epic as ****.
Death, Showed me metal can be heavy and progressive at the same time and they were not mutually exclusive.
I have more but I don't feel like typing it out
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Well, two big ones stand out.

I've always been into classic rock, and I think I have my dad to thank for that. The band that first got me really into music, in my early teens, was The Rolling Stones. I remember hearing "Sympathy for the Devil" for the first time, and just being fascinated by all that was going on.

My tastes developed and refined, and eventually I found Pink Floyd. Started with DSotM and other random songs I happened to see on YouTube. Eventually I realized that I didn't just like the album, I liked their sound. I bought up most of their albums, and have really been in love with their music ever since.

Even after that, though, I decided that who I really liked was David Gilmour--Pink Floyd's guitarist--because of his writing and music styles, and of course the way he plays. So I got his solo stuff as well.

No other musician has been able to impact me emotionally as often or consistently as Gilmour, and I think that's why my respect for him is seemingly limitless.
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punk rock changed our lives.
Velvet Underground, Neutral Milk Hotel, and MIA
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at first it was zeppelin when i was in elementrary school. by around middle school it was all about primus and the red hot chili peppers. and around high school i got big into BTBAM, and now as a 19 yr old its all about thursday and silverstein. love me that post hardcore.
I play cheap guitars, and proud of it.
i wouldn't say it changed my life but Immolation.

The part in Passion kill (from Shadows in the light) that goes:

God will embrace you
God will raise you
God will comfort you
God will save you

God will punish you
God will torture you
God will silence you
God will destroy you

For some reason those lyrics really struck a chord with me as do all their lyrics for that matter.Also Ross Dolan has a ****in' awesome voice.

Death metal in general has changed my life for the better then any one thing/band could ever have.
I am not accountable for this, okay.
Three Days Grace got me into music in general.

Trivium got me into heavy music.

King Crimson made me look at music with a much more open mind.

Vehemence completely changed my views on music.
My father is a huge Chili Peppers fan.. I remember being young as **** and watching the music video for Californication with him on one of those old wooden televisions and the music blowing my mind.. Also, hearing stuff like Scar Tissue and Soul to Squeeze (which was the first song I really listened to and is still my favourite song) on the car radio whenever he picked me up from school really got me going.. I kinda stopped listening to music except for occasionally listening to the top 40 crap until I was like 12 or something and heard Soul to Squeeze again and it brought back all these memories and stuff. That guitar riff made me want to learn how to play the instrument and really shaped me into being as fond of music as I am now. To this day I kinda tear up a bit when I hear that last chorus cause of the beauty in it and the profound impact it has had on my life. Sounds corny but I don't care, I ****ing love that track.

discovering Napalm Death
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Black Sabbath influenced everyone.

whoever denies this is a log

Lil' Devil by The Cult - the song that influenced me to pick up the guitar almost 30 years ago, still a favourite today.
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Tool blew my mind. That song Sober touched my heart.

I really do love you, man. That post made my week.

I can think of two bands that have had a big impact on my life and how I've lead it:

1) Pink Floyd - I was brought up with their music, I'm fairly sure they had a large impact on both of my parent's lives, too. I can remember asking to see The Wall quite desperately when I was about 5 years old. I couldn't understand why my parents wouldn't let me watch it .

Theirs was some of the first music I went to when I first started learning to play and I still love playing them. Funnily enough, years later, I found out that my dad spent some of his youth DJing for a pirate radio station, he said: "It was a pretty good job, the hardest part was deciding which side of DSotM to play".

2) Tool blew my mind. I remember the first track I heard was Disgutipated, when I was 14 - I was shown it by a senior at the boarding school and it really blew my mind! Partially, I think it was the novelty of it that first got my attention but hearing it once was enough to change my listening habits. Somehow, they just broadened my musical horizons and I then learned to truly appreciate music. I won't go into all of the bizarre reflections I've had from Tool as ye have heard it all before.
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Queens of the stone age are the reason i picked up a guitar. There are many more artists but that is what i instantly think of when someone asks me this question.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
Gigi D'Agostino, System of a Down, Slipknot, Tool, Meshuggah, Devin Townsend

in that order, chronologically, throughout my life.
In chronorder:
Queen (got me into music, still my favorite band)

Cradle of Filth (don't judge, From the Cradle to Enslave was the coolest thing I'd ever heard in high school)

Bad Brains (got me into punk, still play in a punk band)

Mastodon (changed my drumming forever)

Gothenburg Melodeath as a genre (huge influence on my guitar playing, auditioned for music university with a Dark Tranquility song)
As a musician, I have yet to have a listening experience like my first time through F♯ A♯ ∞ and Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven. Has totally changed what I know about music.


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Mastodon (changed my drumming forever)

that also.
along with Thomas Pridgen
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Dream Theater
Tom Waits
Frank Zappa
Black Sabbath
anything by Mike Patton
Steve Vai
Gary Moore
Joe Satriani
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Hate to sound cliché, but Metallica changed my life.

So did Sabbath, Purple, Maiden and Priest.

And Britney Spears. She made me hate girls.
Hmm lemme see: the first band I ever got into was Linkin Park, and even to this day listening to Hybrid Theory or Meteora brings me back tbh.
Then I remember getting into some hard rockish bands like Sevendust and Godsmack. I don't really remember much because those bands didn't really have an impression on me.
I remember that the first song I ever listened to with harsh vocals was Mortal Share by Insomnium. I loved the song and soon after that I downloaded the whole album. To this day it's probably one of my favourite albums ever.
Then somehow I got into Slipknot, through a friend of mine if I recall correctly, and becam basically a fanboy, allways spouting bullshit about them that noone cared.
The I think I got into Metalcore, with All that Remains, and Bullet for my valentine and other bullshit bands like that. My -core phase, let's call it that, lasted until the end of 2009, when I got sick of deathcore/metalcore in general and started looking for real Death Metal band: gonna explain why in a while (I got bored with it because I felt all the bands I listened to were way to similar, and it got harder to find stuff I really liked. Since I already liked DF and the likes by then, I decided to look further into real DM. I remember wiping my MP3 and hard drive clean, like the end of an era ;_; )
Shortly after getting into -core, I listened to my first ever Death song(Lack of comprehension), and basically they became my favourite band evah. They still are today to an extent lol.
Then somehow I got into Dying Fetus, Nile and Misery Index. Dying Fetus was important because I got to enjoy NY DM with them, and consequently Slam Death Metal. With Nile I got interested in other, more typical DM bands that every DM fan knows like CC, Morbid Angel, Immolation, etc. Misery Index got me hooked on Deathgrind, and consequently Grindcore (weird transition, but yeah I know.).
The first slam band I ever heard and enjoyed was Ingested, with their debut album. Don't ask me why, but they just struck a chord with me. I can't even listen to that album now, ****ing tame deathcorish slam. My first actual Brutal Death band was Guttural Secrete, and I still like those insane ****ers. After Ingested I got into Devourment, Katalepsy, Cephalotripsy (I don't care for them now, boooring), and other slam bands I can't really remember. I was huge on slam, and basically just listened to that genre for a few months lol. I still dig it, but not nearly as much.
At last, In got into Grindcore. Decided to check Napalm Death, because I knew they were the pionneers of it and got hooked on them: FETO is so ****ing sweet. Then I ventured into a bunch of bands that I don't really feel like mentioning because I have to pick up my dinner, I'm hungry as ****.

EDIT: forgot to ad smth
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