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Green Day, my bridge to Rancid and all that 90's punk. Then through AFI I got introduced to Minor Threat. These bands totally changed my life.
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Green Day, my bridge to Rancid and all that 90's punk. Then through AFI I got introduced to Minor Threat. These bands totally changed my life.

Jesus you have a lot of AFI scrobbles @_@
Eyedea, particularly his stuff on First Born and The Many Faces of Oliver Hart. Dope shit.
Paul Gilbert (Changed my view of the guitar forever. I didn't even know shred existed till then and inspired me to practice literally 10 hours a day.

Coheed and Cambria (I discovered their album 'No World for Tomorrow' and I thought it was corny sounding but at the time, I was pretty suicidal but it took my mind off everything happening at the time. And thought I didn't understand the Amory wars storyline that their music was based off, I felt like I understood it. And their music has always brought me to another place that seems familiar)
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Jeff God, his voice. His music. Can't even describe how it makes me feel.


Pink Floyd. They were the band that got me into music. Dark Side of the Moon was
the first album I owned. I absolutely loved it and still do... oh and Gilmour is the reason
I started playing guitar...

Elliott Smith... that man is simply amazing!
System of A Down: Got me into guitar when I was 12. Their music is strangely funky.

Nine Inch Nails: I was plagued by music like Nu-Metal, Rap, shit like that, and people did not like my music taste for it. We had a couple of research projects in Grade 9, and one of them I did on The Columbine Massacre. Apparently one of the albums "associated" with the massacre was The Downward Spiral. I listened to it out of interest, and it was nothing of what I expected. It changed my outlook on music and theory.

Nirvana: all of their music gave made writing songs easier for me.

Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation told me that when creating music you'd be better off going with wherever your heart goes. Even if it is a porn-groove-rap album. Just do it.

Kyuss: Blues For the Red Sun told me that you can very easily make a good song out of a couple riffs, or even one riff. Applies to Welcome to Sky Valley also.
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Immortal Technique by far.

Check out this song and pay attention to the lyrics. Also, this one is just unreal.
Mandatory listen I tell you.

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Black Sabbath influenced everyone.

Yeah, this too..
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I'll just list ten albums, that really did it for me.

1. Green Day - Dookie
2. Pearl Jam - Ten
3. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs
4. Pink Floyd - Pulse
5. White Zombie - Astro Creep 2000
6. Nirvana - Unplugged in New York
7. Drive-By Truckers - The Dirty South
8. Toadies - Hell Below/Stars Above
9. The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound
10. BRMC - Howl
11. Murder by Death - Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left Of Them
12 Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and Infinite Sadness
13 Lucero - Rebels, Rogues, and Sworn Brothers

Yeah I just couldn't stop. . . . .. . .
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Blink 182 got me into music
Pneuma by Moving Mountains helped me move on from a few friends dying
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One song that got me into rock , i remember me and my dad listening to it when i was 5.

Thin lizzy - the rocker (Live and Dangerous)
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Reflection by Tool is pretty much single-handedly responsible for my spirituality at this point. That shit woke something up in me.
Breaking Benjamin got me into listening to music frequently, rather than just grabbing my dad's iPod when we went for long car rides. They remain one of my favorite bands.

Rise Against got me to pick up the guitar, and though I don't remember how to play any of their songs, I listen to them quite a bit.

Guns N' Roses sparked my desire to play lead guitar, and turned me on to non-punk music, as that was mostly what I listened to back then. I still regard Appetite as one of the best albums of all time, and Slash is still one of my favorites, and a huge influence to the melodic side of my playing.

Dream Theater took the way I listened to, and wrote music, and turned it upside down. I haven't listened to anything the same since. They opened my eyes to synth being a viable instrument in a rock band. They inspired me to become a better guitar player and song writer. They're currently my favorite band, and John Petrucci is my top influence, both melodically, and technically.

I've had four major musical experiences with bands who open up my eyes, and I eagerly await the fifth.
Lil Wayne. When he said, "Excuse me, Mr. toilet, I am the shit," it blew me away. I never knew lyrics could be so personal, so meaningful, that it could completely change the way one views things. Weezy is what got me into emo music and music with personal lyrics such as American Football, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), and Hightide Hotel. He just brings so many feels.
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If you want to go wayyyy back, when I was younger I remember my mom listening to all kinds of classic stuff like James Taylor's "Carolina in my Mind" and Donovan's "Catch the Wind" that influenced me into music before I even knew what that meant..

Around 10 years old, it was Avril Lavigne who made me say "whoa, girls can make rock?"

For awhile I listened to whatever music was cool... Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack... the lyrics were nonsense. Then I started listening to Jack Johnson and I was like, "whoa, songs can actually be about something important?!"

Then a few years later I got really into The Beatles... Joni Mitchell really influenced me, too, showing me you can be WAY out there and it still sounds awesome... I guess most recently, Alison Krauss & Union Station has expanded my horizons into bluegrass-y stuff I didn't used to listen to... I love music
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"Excuse me, Mr. toilet, I am the shit,"

That's just... wow
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Judas priest was the first band i ever liked , then the band that got me into heavier music was megadeath and since then i have listened to a lot of extreme metal and now im a satanist
When i was like 14 i found Nirvana, the first real band i started listening to religiously that put out pure music. I continue to listen to them, and they still influence me after I experiment with other genres
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I should also add the Ramones to this list.. I remember my guitar playing becoming more technical and boring just as I was starting to lose interest in music.. I got into the Ramones then and the simplicity along with the chaos made me fall in love. It was sort of like a rebirth kinda. It when I played guitar and listened to music, it all seemed fresh and new to me.

Also, the Ramones were my gateway into punk rock, hardcore and pop-punk (which has been my favourite genre of music for quite some while now)

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Highway to Hell and Appetite for Destruction got me super into music. Dad played lots of Costello and Springsteen when I was little. Those are the big 'uns, now I just kinda wander around musically.

I must say metal and loads of rock bands. But key bands are Megadeth, Queen. Beatles, Ramones, Black Flag, Morbid Saint, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Led Zep, Radiohead, much more....
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His mighty spirit entered me and I became... Allular.

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punk rock changed our lives.

i love you.

the first time i ever really noticed music was when my cousin played californication for me when i first started junior high school. thats when i really ot into music and chose it over everything else.

my buddies brother who also liked the chili peppers played inbetween dreams by jack johnson for me and oh, inverted world by the shins and i got real into acoustic guitar and started playing.

theeeen in high school i started listening to modest mouse out of my own interests and i never related to music more then when i got real into them. theyre still and most likely will remain as my favorite band. listening to them turned me on to music like built to spill and the halo benders and slint.

so many bands that changed my outlook on music hahaha,
Hearing Hangar 18 on Guitar Hero is what first got me into metal/rock, and basically is what ended my obsession with hip hop.

Discovering Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence and Octavarium opened my mind to the world of Prog. Before that, I thought Free Bird was the longest song there was
Led Zeppelin got me into music. Especially in 60/70's music.
Pink Floyd "changed my life"
Magnum got me into music and after them Queen, Guns N' Roses and Bruce Springsteen have had major influences on me both personally and as a musician.
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Led Zeppelin got me into music. Especially in 60/70's music.
Pink Floyd "changed my life"

That's really cool that Pink Floyd was able to change your life! His music is great!

AFI's "Sing the Sorrow" completely changed me.

I was a nu metal/hard rock kid. Radio rock mainly. But my sister brought home a burnt copy from a friend and my first listen was just unreal. Usually I'm always skeptical and critical of new music, but come around later as I listen to it more. This was different, I immediately enjoyed it.

It's what got me to start playing electric guitar. That in turn took me to UG, where I started to get into more guitar oriented music, and I expanded my intake of genres, most notably getting into things like Led Zeppelin and Metallica. (although I'm not much into either anymore)

It just went on from there, and I feel if I'd never listened to that one AFI album, my musical tastes, and possibly myself in general, would be quite different.
Well it would probably have to be a mixture of the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and the Kooks. Before that it was all Fall out boy, Panic at the disco etc.. (embarrasing looking back now, I know...) but I first heard Naive by the kooks and it gave me a sudden passion for the guitar. After that I started looking at different band's influences and eventually picked up my dads copy of Please Please Me and gave it a spin. After that I was hooked. The Beatles probably changed my life more than any other musical artist.
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Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page is what made me originally love the guitar as an instrument.

The Beatles. Really cheered me up when I felt down.

MGMT. When I began getting bored of music this just opened up a whole new genre for me.
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And Jeff God, his voice. His music. Can't even describe how it makes me feel.

His father > son.
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Rise Against really introduced me to alot of things. I picked up the guitar, started getting more into punk rock and music in general, and have a more positive outlook on life. Other notable bands are Submersed and The Killing Tree.
I would say so. I was pretty academic in school, then when I finished high school education I got very much into music. I didn't even take music in school, now i'm probably one of the few people from my old school who can play an instrument.

I'm not even joking, I could probably name about 3 people other than myself from my old school who could play something.
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Rolling stones, Led Zeppelin and Guns N Roses. Reading about and watching those guys, learning their songs.... It just leaves me in awe.
Appetite For Destruction, no joke, saved my life. I literally owe my life to Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven. They were and always will be the best and most dangerous band ever to walk this Earth.
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