I'm looking for some blues-rock bands that are heavy, and tend to use fuzz for that thick sound.

The Black Key's song "I got mine" is an okay example, but I'm looking for probably even heavier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5FW8Xo8ENo

Something that just gets your heart pumping when playing live.

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Epic tune!

I used to play this kind of music in my old band - we used to bang out a few White Stripes songs. The Sonics "Have Love will Travel" is also a classic choice, that whole album is awesome.

Legendary Shack Shakers also have a few awesome live tracks (but without the upright bass it may lose a bit!)

If you are looking for something a bit more "alternative" and less mainstream, I would go for "Love on the Rocks" by Burning Condors. We covered it a couple of times and that one always woke the crowd up - great band that never seemed to get the recognition they deserved.
Not really 'blues' but Clutch are definitely blues-inspired at the least
Not exactly heavy but I would take a look at Ten years after. Love like a man is an example. I especcialy like Cricklewood Green, Space In Time, Shhhhhh.
Maybe check Radio Moscow, thier first album was produced by Dan Aurbach of Black Keys, and sounds quite similar, but since then they've gone in more of a psychedelic rock direction.

Also, Gary Clark Jr, particularly his 2-piece band (foundry two-piece) stuff.

Reignwolf too, saw him on youtube a white back, sorta black keys fuzziness meets john lee hooker. Just a guy, a guitar and a kickdrum. Really cool sound.


Also, check Gov't Mule if you haven't already! Not so much fuzz, but definately hard-blues-rock sound. Warren Haynes is a beast.
AC/DC is really the best of the heavy Blues Rock bands in my book. But I grew out of that and now appreciate something a bit more subtle. But that's just me. Nothing wrong with the Black Keys or the heavier blues-based bands. But I bet money they will be playing something much more interesting in 10 years.
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Scott Henderson's fusiony blues is fairly excellent


And if you can find them check out the albums by Michael Landau's 90's blues/rock band Burning Water.
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Heavy Blues! Yeah! And why nobodys talking about SRV????
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Kyuss maybe

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