A censer scents an empty alleyway

its musk in the shadow of gasoline

burning the air to some degree

mercury runs free on the walls

like the muathins' voices embracing

the fifty-something-old edifice

but never together, always

a second


There is no peace in the East,

only the censer and the adhan:

a song of fumes and God.
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Grats, solid peace. But, I have never seen them called the "muathin" before. Nor, can I find info on the use of that word. Thought it was the Muadhin. Care to elaborate?

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Thanks, and it just depends on the accent. Technically where I'm from, it's pronounced 'Muazin' but I went with the more formal pronunciation.

EDIT: Actually ignore that part, that's wrong
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Did an adbot just call my piece 'all over the place'?

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