Alright, this song has a prominent, simple bassline, that I recreated off of memory, so it may not be totally accurate. I played it a bit faster ( and sloppier, sorry) than the actual song, and the key may be wrong.

Anyway, for some reason the song reminds me of U2. It's a fairly mainstream song that I heard on the radio a few weeks ago, so you probably won't like it.

One last thing: I think this is the right forum, but who knows? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Much appreciated, thanks!
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It does have a very familiar sound to it. Have you checked the radio stations website? They might have a back list of songs they played

Wow, totally missed this reply. I think I heard it last when I was in Colorado for a week, but I'm sure I've heard my local radio station play it before, so I'll check that out. Thanks!
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Good luck, brutha! I totally know that feel. It took me a year or two to hunt down who did Black Hole Sun and only through this site have I learned that Dire Straits did Walk of Life and Cream did White Room. Shame we're not as helpful as the guys who helped me yet.

I blame the change in how they organize the forums section on the UG front page, personally