Let's do this together.

Step 1: What key is the solo in?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
TS, the song is in Bm. He just throws in some accidentals.


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Quote by pwrmax
Marty doesn't use traditional scales, he invents his own

Eh, it's kind of right, but the truth is, the scales he uses are pretty much exclusively aeolian and phrygian. He never learned them, and he doesn't think he uses them, but he does. In fact he knows quite a lot music theory, but he doesn't know that what he knows is music theory, he just kind of picked things up from all the years of playing and experimenting. Basically, self taught.

Anyway OP, the song is in B minor with a few accidentals here and there - there is only one scale used, but here's the most important thing: he follows the chords underneath the solo. Listen to the rhythm and analyse the notes against the backing track.