up for sale is a SOLDANO SLO100.this is one the best high gain amps out there.it is almost mint.it has a blemish on the letter "A" in "SOLDANO".it has tung sol tubes with about 3 hrs on them.the amp was professionally biased.it can sound very clean,or it can sound like a marshall.when you kick in the lead channel it sounds like nothing else.it includes the original foot switch and has the factory depth mod for a "fatter" sound.

The hand-built Soldano SLO100 Super Lead Overdrive Head features a signal path of pure tube magic, including 2 independent preamp channels that deliver a full array of tones through 4 - 12AX7s. The SLO100 includes a Clean/Crunch switch. An additional bright switch draws out sparkling highs. The Overdrive channel beats the entire high gain pack with clear articulation, solid punch, and singing sustain. Channel jumps are footswitchable and noise-free. The Soldano SLO100 also features a 3-band EQ and 4 - 5881 tubes in the power section to make it a lethal weapon. Truly a rocker's masterpiece. Soldano includes a fully transferable lifetime warranty with the SLO100 Overdrive Head.

After a years of repairing, tweaking, and building tube guitar amplifiers, Michael Soldano unleashed the SLO-100 upon the public in 1987 and it became an instant classic. After a number of models found their way into the hands of Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Eddie Van Halen, and Lou Reed, American and English guitar amp manufacturers were scrambling to match the liquid gain and outrageous crunch of the magical Super Lead Overdrive.

shipping in the us only.will ship for $2800.00
Forgot that it was on here..was gonnq keep but I guess everything is for sale..firm on the price though