I have problems with fast licks, no matter what i do it never sound as the original
(ex ... 3rd solo November Rain or 1st solo Pretty Tied Up by GN'R).

i mean i might spent days/week trying to get these part right but i never succeed (i start slow then increase ...)

when i play it seems like the note are note connected(when pull off/ hummer on) .

any advise, please.
when you practice slowly, play it perfectly. pay attention to the rhythms and accents - count them out if you have to.

the notes and the finger positions will only get you so far in understanding (and subsequently emulating) music you wish to learn and play.
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Concentrate on muting to get rid of unwanted noise. And don't expect to sound exactly like the original artist. They have incredible gear as well as the magic of the studio.
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Try this.. Get the guitar pro tabs for fast licks or the song you want to learn. Highlight the part ( loop ) in guitar pro which you cant play clean for eg the solo, divide it in parts and at normal speed. after highlighting, select the simple loop option and the tempo your comfortable on and keep playing it over and over again. practice ! then gradually increase the tempo ,finally reaching the actual speed. other than this focus on your technique, maybe your not holding ur pick the right way.. Always try to work on one technique at a time, for eg alternate picking, legato or sweep. get fairly good at one than start working on the rest. Also try Guitar Speed Trainer and Andy James lessons. Hope that helps
Thanks for replys,

as Hail said
i think my problem come from accents as i don't know how to apply them or to practice them ...