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I have a (dismantled) Fender Starcaster (not stratocaster - I'm sure you've seen them at Costco or something. Starter packs). I'm fixin' to have some extra cash and there are some mods I need input on:

1. New pickups. I'm thinking Hot Rails in the bridge and hot noiseless in the neck and middle. Opinions? I'll be using it for Strat-y stuff, SRV, Hendrix, Pearl Jam solos, you get the idea. Hot Rails would be for extra versatility. Also - how hard is it to make a coil-split for them? The body is routed for HSH, by the way.
2. New paint job. Is it possible to scrape off the original body paint and then re-finish the wood naturally? That'd be soooo sexy.
3. New tuners. What's good? What's not?

I won't have the money for a little while yet, this is just so I know what I'm lookin' at and what I can't/won't be able to do. I'd be nice to save a little and mod up my Tele too.
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It's possible to get the paint off without to much effort but I'm gonna take a wild guess and say the wood used to make a guitar you got from Costco isn't something you are gonna want the world to see.
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I wouldnt even do it. Chances are with it being a starter guitar the wood isnt the best. Honestly buy a squier bullet strat if you want something cheap to mod the bodys are basswood and they only cost like 120 something. I actually plan on doing that with mine. I wanna get a custom neck from warmoth and throw some better pickups in it because honestly just for the body. Basswood routed and finished its worth the 120.
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ah modified one of these inta ma frankenstrat. take a look it be in ma signiture.

ya can strip the paint off but it takes alot of effort.
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