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Grainy video is grainy. I can't really tell, but it looks like your picking hand might be pretty loaded with tension. Or you just have prominent veins (I do, and I used to get confused as to whether I was tense or not just looking).

Try recording on a clean tone with a metronome in the background so I can get a better sense of if you're playing in time or not.
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Hello! Thank you for the reply. What is metronome? I play through an 5 wat gorilla amp. I dont feel tension in my arm. i am veiny maybe i am?
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A metronome is a device which provides clicks at a given tempo to help you to keep time.

Like I said, I can't really tell from the video if I see tense muscles. I'll take you at your word that you're not tense. Record another video with a clean tone instead of a distorted tone and it'll be easier to tell if you're playing in time or not.
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Turn your amp up, you can't hear what you are playing.
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It's the same thing everytime a kid wants to show that he can play hard and fast thing ... he writes always something like that : TEN YEARS OLD xxxxx Cover.

... ok
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