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So when can we expect the finished album? just curious...
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this isn't out yet? bummer. i'll wait patiently for this.
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So... did I miss my opportunity to submit my song?
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well if this is still going on, I'll probably get my shit recorded
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Somebody should reboot this with someone who'd be able to get this done. Taking way too long as it is. I was excited at first, then it just died.
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I might be able to get this done, I've got the UGCommunity bandcamp name and shit, so that's a good place to upload

I'm wondering if there's any interest to get this done anymore though... a lot of the submissions are very old, and people may not like their submissions or smth
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I would love it if someone rebooted this project, cause I put lots of time into my song
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This would be one of the few things I'd actually be down for if it got rebooted. I elect Yoman
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I have multiple songs, but I really don't want to do anything about making this a reality. Somebody else do it for me