hey, I'm wanting to put a push/pull pot in my schecter c1 and ESP LTD MH1000. I've tried asking guitar techs etc and everyone gives me different answers.

both of these guitars have arched tops (like a les Paul), the schecter is made in Korea and LTD is made in south Korea. I've heard Korean guitars use metric pots, but a guitar store also told me that the LTD uses imperial short shaft pots.

so, does anyone know if these guitars use imperial or metric pots? and would they be long or short shaft pots?

thanks for your help!
The LTD will definitely be metric. I'm pretty sure the Schecter will be as well, if it is made in Korea. They're unlikely to use US-made parts for an MIK guitar.

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any idea about the pot shaft? i think they're short shaft, but I've been told so many different things so I'm not sure now
Get some calipers, unscrew the pot and measure it yourself?

Only way to be sure
Measuring the ones that are currently in your guitars is the best way to make sure you get the right ones. They actually make several different lenghts. Not just short and long. Some are just long enough to go through a pickguard. Others are really long. I've worked on several LTDs and Schecters and I'm sure they are metric. The shaft length varies depending on the model of the guitar though. So just measure the ones you have.