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Hi everyone,

I am saving to treat myself to a (to me) top end (New) Gibson guitar costing around £1000 to keep in standard tuning to play mostly thrash metal, hard rock, stoner rock/metal and whatever you categorize Clutch as!!

I have narrowed it down to the following which I have tried and tested personally but am still (despite numerous hours testing both) unable to make a concrete decision as I think so highly of both and can't choose between either and have the nagging feeling I'll end up regretting not buying the other!:

Gibson Explorer Ebony 2012
Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Black / Ebony 2012

If I had to choose I'd probably veer towards the Explorer, as I just find the neck a bit thinner (in feeling anyway), the fingerboard lighter and more playable and with being a double cutaway style guitar, more accesible fret wise.

However, the Classic Custom is a thing of absoleute beauty and seemed to sound a tad better and easier with bends. That is just my opinion.

Any thoughts / advice / reccomendations would be appreciated and if you could give me this weeks' National Lottery numbers so I can just go '**** it' and buy both of them please do so!!

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Post in the electric guitar forum, not in here:

Here's my two cents anyway though

Strictly speaking, the Explorer should be easier to bend on on the treble strings than the Les Paul, and it should bend very similarly on the bass strings. My guess is that they had different strings on when you tried them.