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Hey guys. I've been listening to some stoner/psychedelic/hard rock lately, and I came across these guys!

I'm sure it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm really starting to love these genres. If anyone has any other bands that I need to listen to, please tell me!
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there soo rad you cant find a tab yet,,,,would some rad taber look at "dead roots stirring"
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It's good but after 4 minutes I wanted them to stop playing. the idea is good but the song is to long
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Check out the Stoner Metal thread in the metal forum.

That's where these guys belong.
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Dead Roots Stirring is a STUNNING album, and finishing the song after four minutes would be insane! The song gets better and better towards the end!

As for other bands to check, there are tonnes of great bands in this neck of the woods: truckfighters, colour haze, monkey3, earthless, causa sui, electric moon, the cosmic dead, tia carrera, electric magma, soma, ufomammut, sons of otis, torche, sungrazer...

Also check out: radio moscow, tame impala, black angels, uncle acid and the deadbeats...
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Never expected an Elder thread in the modern rock forum. I'd put them in the metal forum, though the stoner metal thread goest mentioned (back in 2012, no less) seems to have fallen into inactivity.

Anyway, I'm lucky enough to have seen these guys twice and they're one of my favorite local bands. Unbelievable musicians who absolutely deserve to blow up huge.