I wouldn't sell yourself short. Nice chops for sure. The composition was interesting as well. As much as I appreciate their technicality I have trouble listening to Vai and the like. This, I could listen to. Your solos were incredibly clean and well done. I'd say if that's your best, well, you've done pretty damn well.

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This is really nice stuff here, it has a more laid back vibe than I was expecting. Pretty nice overall sound, guitar tone and mix. The main solo is really good and the execution is excellent, you've obviously spent time working on your technique. A good listen all the way through and it ends quite nicely too. Good stuff!

The moment I heard the groovy backing track I knew I would like it! Awesome tone on the guitar and on the production overall. The lead was catchy and fit right in over the back riff. Very clean and tight playing. This was delicious I had some hooks of the melody sounding in my head when I did some laundry just after listening to it so it definately stuck.

Only complaint would maybe be that there aren't a specific section that stands out that much from the rest, like a part where you become extra bold with the lead. But that is a minor complaint as I "like the part that starts at 0:00 and ends at 3:33"

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