granted, it's college radio, but still. I host a radio show on 91.3fm WUNH Durham every wednesday from 10-midnight. We just had a live interview with a small band i first heard of through UG so i thought i'd try to make it a weekly segment, an artist spotlight if you will.

so if you'd like to get publicity over the airwaves and do a call in interview, or even just have me play your music, throw me some links. if i like it, i can guarantee it'll go over the air.
this sounds like a great idea. here are my tracks if interested:



Let me know if you need to d/l

best, gamblor
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http://soundcloud.com/steven-yo/sets you should play my electronic music online.

Mostly the "Ed" EP and the song "Erection Masterpiece"

I'm assuming most of my titles are going to be too offensive though :/

If they are, just call them Untitled 1 and 2 etc

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not sure what style you play over the radio, but we're a melodic metal band (2 piece so not sure if we constitute as a band per-say...but don't let that deter you). We give our music away for free anyways so you can do what you like with it...steal it, give it away, sell it, trash it, print it on paper and use it as toilet paper...etc.

Cool idea!

The Mosaic is an Alternative/Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore outfit from Long Island, New York that mixes angular guitar lines, dreamy ambient passages, reverberated vocals, and the use of a cello to achieve their own unique sound.

Their main influences includes such bands as; Slint, Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Fugazi, Unwound, and My Bloody Valentine

Here's a preview of our most ""popular" song, "San Venosa" (we just uploaded them to YouTube which is why the plays are low):


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Hi, this is my band. Our name is Eclipse and we are from San Luis Obispo, Ca. Here is a link to our SoundCloud, where they are available for download. Hope you like them, and thanks for listening!

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The Endless Obsession would love some radio play. We are a 3-piece progressive hardcore/metalcore band, and you can download our music for free at http://theendlessobsession.bandcamp.com/

Email: theendlessobsessionmusic@gmail.com

The song "Slowing Down" would probably be most fit for radio play if you don't have the time to listen to all of the tracks
Hey Hardcore 81! This is amazing man, I appreciate people like you doing this, It is really what is needed for the next surges of music to get to the masses to get public reception

We have our new single coming out soon, I will post again sometime.

stormhold, neologist and antic were played this week. we're gonna have it be a weekly segment where we play three bands from this thread. you can listen to this week's show at http://wunh.org/bswithbillspenser and get updates at http://www.facebook.com/BS.With.Bill.And.Spenser
Hey would be awesome if you played us, my band is Manic Baby Dolls

we are a 4 piece band from Auckland, New Zealand.

Check out our tracks here:

Our song Crazy Opinions has been favoured over the others but have a listen and check us out,
if you need to contact me, either do it on here or through our facebook page, my name is Kyle.

Thanks heaps.
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If you're looking for some international stuff here's something from Australia by my band "Paper Boat Armada" we'd love for you to have a look at our track. Here it is, you can download it for free from the Youtube description if it takes your fancy. Thanks!
I would love some radio time for my band, Shadow Cell! We're a 5 piece Groove/Thrash band from Athens, Ohio. You can find our stuff at these places:


Everyone likes an English band!

Unforeseen Prophecy. We're a heavy metal band and we've just released our debut EP 'Without Consequence'! As well as having CD copies made up, we are on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and Spotify.

To support this release, we've made our single 'Fractured' available for FREE download!
Hope you enjoy it man! Let us know if you play it

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/unforeseenprophecy
'Fractured': http://soundcloud.com/unforeseenprophecy/fractured
Just released my album today. Many flavors of Metal. It is a continuous album with only one track so I'm not sure how that will work for your show, but if you want me to to edit it down to a certain section, let me know.


I'm actually from MA and have buddies that go to UNH so it'd be cool to get some play up there. My band Animals and Shapes if you had to throw a genre on it would probably be Alternative Rock. We have some good quality demos right now and in the next two weeks will have even better quality so any play would be appreciated. If we could even set up interviews or on air performances since we are from MA it wouldn't be difficult. We have demos and live tracks on our youtube and other info/tracks on our Facebook. Thanks a lot!