I am a complete noob when it comes to playing. A friend bought me a classical guitar, and another is getting me an acoustic soon. Is there anyone who knows of a decent place to teach myself? I like the sound of playing finger-style classical music, but I am very open minded on what I learn. Please email me directly to poddyco@programmer.net. Many thanks.
Just to start you down the road, both the nylon-string and the steel-string are "acoustic" guitars.

For an absolute beginner, most recommend the "Justinguitar" site:


I recommend doing something like that, pick a particular instruction site and stick with it for a while. It's tempting to go all over the place and try out everything... But a good, progressive lesson plan will let you make progress faster.
You can experiment later.
Man, you've got some sweet friends. Buying you 2 guitars and all. I wish I was an adbot
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If I handed out one tip to a new guitarist, it would be "Whatever else happens, keep strumming!"

So many learner guitarists start out with a simple song that has 3 or 4 starter chords. They learn the chord fingerings ok. But when they play the chord changes for the song it often goes like this:

Chord 1 (with strumming)
[stop strumming while I change to chord 2]
Chord 2 (start strumming again)

Guitar is a rhythm based instrument. The strumming hand is the important hand. Keep strumming / plucking no matter how bad the initial sound is, and you'll make progress.