hello GG&A , i was looking at the build kit's and noticed that there around $50
average .

what does a pedal cost parts only for someone experienced not buying kits ?

say an od808 very common pedal build .

thx for any reply's .
Hello, and welcome to GB&C (unless you actually meant to post this in GG&A).

It depends on which particular pedal you have in mind and your standing with suppliers. If I were to order parts for a TS808, it would be approximately $45+shipping. That is with the highest quality parts I think justify the price. If I cheaped out, I could probably bring it down to $35+shipping.

I might be able to bring the price down if I were to order from two different suppliers, but the shipping would be higher. So, I'd have to order enough for several pedals to actually bring the price down.
Thx for the reply. I read that if you have the abiliity to build your own pedal. That you would have 15
in it so I thought that was not right.