EDIT: I did some remixing and editing and have a better sounding guitar tone. It was pretty gritty before, it's alot smoother now

Hello guys, I recently bought POD Farm and have been messing with the tones and finally got something I like. I also have been working on the sound quality of my snare and kick drum samples, I really like what I've got right now. I'd like some critiques on the production, the mix itself, and of course the actual music, it's flow, etc.


You may notice this is the "second part" of a song I'm working on called "Juggernaut." The first half is also on my Soundcloud if you're curious. I'm planning on eventually merging the two into one relatively long song. Actually here's a direct link as it gives some context for the seemingly random ending riff of the song. http://snd.sc/Owt6Qo

I changed my low G# to an F# for the ending of the first part, and that is the tuning for the entire second part. If anyone has any tips on how to overlap the two I'd love to hear it. I'm planning on doing this spacey jam out with the tribal drums that leads into the sort of jazzy opening of the second half (hence the random drum fill at the beginning).

I will C4C for sure, I appreciate any critiques and will try to critique your work the best I can!
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The best parts are probably the harmony sections halfway through. This kind of music is not really what I would listen to ... too many jarring meter shifts for me - but your piece is fine for its genre.

The riff at the end did sound out of context. To me it needs more depth of field, reverb maybe. At the moment it sounds like a direct board plug in.
First impressions ;

Really love how the first chord goes in, gives a very nice dark feel. Not too sure about the Hi-hat though, I would probably give him a bit of reverb it would blend perfectly with the ''ambient'' feel of the guitar! Or maybe combine closed and open hi-hat (on the backbeat maybe?) The bass is really groovy. Really tight playing you have there. 1:10, wow that was unexpected! But a pleasant surprise. Only, I think it would be punchier if you raised the volume of the drums for the little fill before it goes to the heavy part, so we really feel something big is coming! LOVE the part at 2:05 ! I'm pretty sure you could make it a bit longer and develop something on that rhythm. But damn, the part that starts after that is fantastic. 3:05 is also ****ing awesome. Are your drums samplers? if yes, i'd recommend adding some fills in the ''solo-ish'' part. Would be very nice. To be quite honnest, I didn't really understand where you wanted to go with the ending, it IS cool, but I don't think it really fits the rest of the song.

Overall :

Good work here man, kudos. The song is really good. If you work a bit on the few elements I told you, I think it has the potential to be a really amazing song.

Keep up the good work! I'm following your Soundcloud account for more good stuff like this!
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