My pinky always starts hurting after playing the guitar for a while. It also starts hurting when I sit and type alot on the computer. The proper respone would be to just play less but since the pain appears after about 1 hour of typing/playing that is not really an option. The pain is not unbearable but i've had it for quite some time (3-4months) and it's starting to ring a few alarm-bells since it's obviously not going away.

____ ___ ___

^___^ My finger is poorly typed above. The arrows to the left of this scentence mark the part were the pain is originating from. It is also worth noting that it's only my left pinky that starts hurting, never my right one.

Got any tips? Should I go see a doctor?

If it is on the top(fingernail side),I get the same thing.It only happens to me when I play alot more than usual.Unfortunately I don't know what it is.I think it's best to rest when it comes to ligaments and tendons,Iam assuming that is what is hurting.If you play through the pain and injure yourself,you won't be able to play for a long time.I'm sure your fingers are getting stronger as your playing improves,you just shouldn't push it once you feel that pain start.
A couple of days break/taking it easy would definitely be in order if you feel that it's ringing alarm bells. Other than that, I stress to stretch out the fretting hand (assuming you're right handed) each time you go to pick up the guitar. Not only will it prevent injuries, but, if you're like me, it will pretty drastically improve your playing once you make it a habbit.

Hope this helps
If it happens while typing as well I'd definitely recommend seeing a medical professional, that's not right at all.
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