I really like this song. I REALLY LOVE the singers voice, she has an amazing voice. The instruments themselves are pretty awesome as well. The instruments, imo, need to be louder in the mix though. However, all the tones are sick. Everything sounded good. As far as the song itself, I very much so enjoyed it, great job!!!!! The one thing that REALLY stuck with me after hearing this song, was not JUST the singing, but ALSO the solo, I LOVED the tone, and the playing was perfect for this song as well. Very well thought out solo.
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That singer's pretty nice. The guitar is a little low in the mix, but with all the other instrumentation it makes sense. I like the orchestration as well. At 2:51 I think there should have been a vocal harmony so that section would have sounded a lot stronger. The acoustic section was a nice break. The solo was nice as well. At first though I would think a "warmer" tone would have sounded better over the acoustic, but as the distorted rhythm came back, it was fine. Throughout the song though, I guess I'll call them "verse" sections, I couldn't tell much of a difference in between them and the next section, (if there were any choruses.) Other than that, it's pretty good overall, nice work man.
Many thanks for the crit MetalCommand. I'm pretty sure I remember this from T & C a while back.

Mix is good although it feels a bit airy, like it's covered in reverb. Which is a bit much for me sometimes. Guitars sound really good. Symphonic instruments sound very authentic. I'm not a fan of the kick or snare in this one. I use additional samples in mine to beef it up. Maybe try that. Acoustic sounded nice and the lead tone was amazing! Keep that up. I wish my lead tone sounded that good. Can you elaborate on what makes it so thick? I'm finding the cymbals are very hard to hear at the vocal heavy parts. Make the most of your stereo mix. Don't just pan things hard left/right and centre. There is 198 other discrete positions you can place your instrumentation.

Vocalist is good and quality is nice but tell her to change up the style at some points. The same vocal style and range becomes quite tiresome after a while.

Overall you've successfully recorded a really solid piece here. I was a massive fan of the interlude and solo. I think your next logical progression is to either a) increase the complexity or b) incorporate more influences and diversify. Just my opinion. Either way you should be very happy with this piece of music. Keep up the awesome work!
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Acoustic sounded nice and the lead tone was amazing! Keep that up. I wish my lead tone sounded that good. Can you elaborate on what makes it so thick?

Ok so I record it DI then apply the following plugins:
Tube Screamers Secret > Lepou Lecto amp sim > Voxengo Boogex w/ cab impulses > Sonitus FX Reverb

The reverb is the key to thickening up to tone and giving it a bit of body. If you are interested in any of the exact settings I used, I'd be happy to elaborate further.

Thanks for the crit, detailed and helpful as ever. Thanks to everyone else who has replied so far as well, keep em coming
The reverb is what I'm missing so if you could elaborate on that then I would be really quite over the moon.
Ok, here's a screenshot of the reverb settings

Just remembered there was a bit of EQ on it too so here's a shot of that as well.

Got rid of the high frequencies to remove the fizziness from the tone. I use different EQ settings for the lead than rhythm guitar, where I'd also cut out the low frequencies the eliminate that boomy sound which you can get. However that's not really an issue with lead work so no real need to here.
Not bad man, can't say its my cup of tea, but the composition is quite advanced. You can tell the song was made by PROPER musicians. Very cool.
I agree with the other guys, it seems to be well written and everything is played on a very advanced level.

Nevertheless, I'm just not into that kind of stuff. Especially the singer's voice fails to convince me. She can sing - no doubt about that! - but her voice isn't strong enough for a rock/metal band.

Overall I'd still say that this is very good for what it is - just not my cup of tea.
The first verse vocals sound good (better the second time I heard it). The harmony vocals (during chorus or the end of the verse?) sound really good. Overall, the singer is very good. Sometimes the drums get a bit busy (~0:40) for my taste, but otherwise the drums are rather good. Guitar playing sounds quite good, especially the lead around 4:00 (very good!). Right now it sounds very good overall. Really nitpicking here: With an extra bit of polish (not like I'm at that level), it would be really superb (I almost never say something like that). Please review my music at this link:

Nice track. Very tight. I didnt like how it started though, the intro could have been a little longer. Also, it goes into a breakdown very quickly. No time to absorb what's happening before it just goes at it. I love the vocal melodies though, sounds Amy Lee'ish at times. Very cool track though man.

The flute is amazing! And your arrangements, they're great! Crazy track bro! Effin Brilliant! Crit mine?

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Writing as I listen.

Short intro right into the track, that's nice for a change. Music is really centered arround her voice, which work for this kind of music. Not sure if the drum at 0:39 fit it seemed a bit sudden couldn't really hear anything int he music to go with heavier drums. Having troubles hearing the guitars. The keys are nice though and the bass guitar is really doing some nice stuff. Could be a bit more space for the guitar, maybe a cut in the mid-frequencies of the keys? Track has a lot going on, like the part at 1:40. You got violins and everything man (: . The vocalist sounds nice and the song really has it's own vibe. I can't really compare it too anything because it's just different. Maybe drums are a bit distant? You could turn it up the kick and the snare to give the mix some more power, but then again that might not be what you are going for. If you want more power though it'll be a matter of turning up the kick and the snare. The voice might be turned just a tad lower but that pretty much boils down to personal preference. I'm typing a bit much maybe. Part at 3:18 sounds really nice. The clean tone is very good, I like it lots. The solo is okay, not spectacular to be honest, but it gets better at 4:02. Reminds me vaguely somehow of the solos on All That Remains - Behind Silence and Solitude album. Both productionwise and solo-wise. (That's the album they did before becoming a crappy metalcore band so that's not an insult all ).

Nice track, production could be a tad more polished but it's good as it is. It sounds very real which adds to the atmosphere of the track which is nice though.
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I like the singer's folk-like soprano voice.

I feel the song needs a stronger introduction. The verse riff at the start is too much for an opening, and the drums got too busy too soon, like a reverse crescendo - there's no room to build. The part starting at 3:20 sounds more like an intro. However, it's clear that "no-nonsense, straight into it" was the effect you were trying to achieve.

The lead guitar tracks sound like they're just before the beat, giving a rushed feel. Either that or the tempo is slightly too fast. I can't quite pin down why the song wasn't as satisfying as it should have been, because it's potentially very good indeed if it had more breathing space and atmosphere.

Sorry if I've been too negative.

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I like the overall composition and musical ideas of this song. I don't usually listen to this type of music but I enjoyed it alot. I agree with what many have mentioned - the singer is really good and I like the voice. Some strong melodies in the vocals and flute/string harmonies. I wasn't completely won over by the guitar solo though, but the background acoustic guitar was nice. Overall a quite cool song!

As for the mixing - There was way too much reverb for me. Sounded like everything was played out in an enormous cave. If that was what you aimed for, then you succeeded but as said I didn't personally find it very nice-sounding. I also thought the guitars were too low in volume. They were audible but not very discernible. Then at around 1:50 some relatively loud strings + flute appear and they sound very close and unreverbed compared to the rest. Sorry if there is much negative feedback regarding the mix hehe, but I found alot of things that I think could be improved. A little more balance in volume and reverb + maybe a bit more beef in the lower EQ end and I wouldn't complain as much Thanks for the crit on my song!