i have gotten a financial aid reimbursement from my college and i am going to allot around 300-400 dollars to create my own workshop!

now i do have a few tool but they are mostly cheap crap that frustrates me so i am basically starting from scratch!

so my question to yall is!

What do you think i should try to get as far as a few good power tools and a few good hand tools! i would buy new but its not that cost effective so i will probably try to get used tools? remember my budget is somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 dollars.
alright. i was thinking i really needed a good router/table for it, a bandsaw of some sort, a drill press, with a good set of rasps? but i am not sure if i can get all that in my budget so in you opinion what should take priority?
Your budget is very low for building a workshop. I personally couldn't imagine doing anything without either a plane or a jointer. But you could blow most of you budget on a good plane. Maybe someone knows of a good cheap plane.

Also, you might want to skip the band saw and just get a $20 jigsaw. If there is one area where you can skimp, that would be it.

Since you are getting a drill press, definitely look into some attachable sanding drums. You'll also need some good drill bits, and I'd recommend a forstner bit for hogging out your cavities before you route, maybe a 1/2".

A table saw would be a good one, though if you already have a circular saw you might be able to get by if you are resourceful.
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well i may be getting a drill press from my uncle, and i can use a router to plane big pieces of wood. as far as a jointer i may invest in a good hand plane. that would be more economic. i am just trying to get all my thoughts organized and make an order of what is most important.