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Very brutal right from the outset! Really tight playing as well, and cool riffs. Guitar tone is nice. Drums have a heavy/compressed sound which is good for this music, although I think they are little high in the mix. The more melodic part at 2:35 gives a nice change of pace, before going back to heavier stuff. Yeah so overall I really like it, good work!

Oh and is that an ESP M100-FM you're playing, it looks just like mine!

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I liked this more than I thought I would! It had more melodic riffs than I expected and I really appreciate that. Many nice ideas. The part at 2:35 is a nice contrast as mentioned by MetalCommand, though the first 10-12 notes of that lead reminded me a little too much of the opening melody in Iron Maidens "Long distance runner", shame as it is a really nice melody :p Overall a nice composition!

I'm not a fan of the sound that "this genre" usually advocates that is really thin and thick at the same time with lots of compression, but then again it's kinda fitting for this style.