Poll: What is your favorite aspect of Metal?
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Them Riffs!
9 33%
That Double Bass!
0 0%
The Mood (feeling) the music puts me in
4 15%
The sheer Power/Heavyness!
4 15%
The Technicality of the Instruments/songwriting/vocals
4 15%
The Lyrical Content. The lyrics illustrate a story or is very poetic.
0 0%
The Comraderie. We are all brothers and sisters of metal!
0 0%
Other (Let me know in the comments)
6 22%
Voters: 27.
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That it's not played on the stations I listen to.

Sorry. You asked.
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Hard generalization to make. I'd saay. The music ;b

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Actually called Mark!

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Quote by yoman297
Some metal has a certain chaos quality that I like

Haha, one more in the 'Devin Townsend' category.
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What makes something metal? The music has raw power and attitude. Its all about taking rock to the next level with edginess. The extremes of volume, squeals of guitar, very fast or slow tempos, death, politics, energy and giving the Man the finger. The Dionysus coming out at a concert and letting your inner beas let loose in a mosh pit. Best concerts were Opeth and Children of Bodom.
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I mostly like the variety. You got slow metal, fast metal, angry metal, sad metal, happy metal..

Well, maybe not so much happy metal.
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I like it when they turn metal, (tons and tons of it), into gigantic pipe organs..!

Now that's heavy....., both figuratively and literally..!!!

As a side note, have you ever wondered about what's going on in the subtext, when you play something like Bach's, "Tocata and Fugue in D Minor", on a pipe organ, in a church..... ?
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