Hi everyone, I'm looking to sell my Epiphone Goth Explorer, for around £200.

It's in near perfect condition; it has an extremely small chip around where your right forearm would be, some slight wear to the upper fretwires and a bit of dust around the pickups - that's it.

Plays perfectly, exactly the same as when I got it around 9 months ago. The only issues with playing it are the fairly high action and the neck dive, being an Explorer.

I haven't gotten around to it, but the first thing I would do is change the strings, they're getting a bit 'furry' from dust, I presume - I'm not an expert on this.

I live in Bingley, Bradford, and if you're interested or want answers, price corrections or pictures, just reply.

It's a buyers market at the minute, yet I can't seem to sell a single one of my guitars. Good luck man!