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Hey guys, just another noob checking in. Natural lefty but struggling with picking left or right as a lefty I strum much better with less fret rang and as a righty, much better fret range, sloppy strumming. Never ends
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Hi there woodsy1, and welcome to this emporium of guitar related knowledge and distractions.

Take a look at the forum rules and the descriptions of the subforums, particularly when opening a new thread - you should really introduce yourself in this thread so that this forum isnt filled with people saying 'hi' (a mod may close this thread).

I'm a lefty myself, and I play lefthanded guitars.

The only downside to playing right-handed when you are a lefty in my opinion is that some people find it unnatural to begin with, but if you persevere then I'm sure you can overcome that and it would quickly feel just as (and then more) natural, all it takes is practice.

The benefit to learning right-handed is that any guitar will be available to you - some brands do not produce lefthanded guitars or only produce them in a few select models/colours, so as a lefty I often have to compromise a bit when choosing a guitar (although I love all my guitars so I can't complain really). Another consideration is that lefty's are often a bit more expensive that their righty counterparts, and if you are ever in a party where somebody is passing around a (righty) guitar then you want to be able to strum a few chords to impress the females and increase the probability of coitus.

The benefit of learning to play left-handed is that you are a bit more interesting visually on a stage, and people are less likely to pick up and start playing with your guitars.
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I'm left-handed but I play right-handed. It's always been that way. It's kinda like I'm ambidextrous.