I enjoyed listening to the song! Albeit longer than stuff Id usually listen to (Well, not necessarily, but its quite long) I found this song very interesting. It almost evolves throughout. It sounded very neat. Everything overall sounded great. One of the better songs Ive heard on here in a long time. Great job man! I loved the song!
I like the spacey in the intro. Also the initial groove is nice. The drum cymbals are a little sharp in some sections. I do like how it has a organic feel to it. Almost like your along for the ride in the studio, by the tone of the guitar and drums. I like the organ section with that cool synth lead too. After that and the drum lead in, I was hoping for a new rhythm section though haha. That acoustic out was a nice touch. Overall very nice. I don't know a lot of Rush, but that's the feel I got from it, most of the time.
After a slow build the guitar part at 0:20 is quite pleasant with a nice laid back vibe. Interesting percussion sounds that come in at 1:00. Cymbals a rather loud at some points. Nice riff at 1:50 with a heavier feel to it. The song seems to keep changing, introducing really different ideas all the time. It's easy for it to become disjointed like this, but you managed to keep it together, thanks to the consistent rhythm section, so good work on that. Very cool lead guitar part around 2:30. I really the whole relaxed feel throughout the whole song, am enjoying this a lot. Ending is ok. Overall I really loved it and I followed you on soundcloud

Thanks for your comment man! Returning the favor.
This is pretty good. Your tune is full of different elements which is why it doesn't get boring. I had a problem with those drums in the beginning, I'd lower the crash/hat volume there. The track feels "floating" to me, I imagine oceans listening to this for some reason. And I just noticed how long it is! It really goes nice on the ears, I didn't have to wait until it was over. Also, great work recording everything, your playing is great - I didn't notice any mistakes on the first listen. Loving the bass lines on this one and the guitar solos fit really well. How long did it take for you to finish this? Did you record the guitars with a mic? By the way - what do you listen to? You mentioned Animals As Leaders in your comment and they're often mentioned among such bands as Periphery, Tesseract, etc. so I assumed you're a metalhead but from your music it doesn't seem like that. Anyway, great job, keep writing!
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As I'm listening -

The first section is nice. Strings and guitar part works well. Ominous but in a steady bouncy not dark kind of way. Maybe the word is it creates an appropriate tension. Alleviated well in the second section. Good choice of a second chord to go to. I love the drum fill into the ride. Awesome distorted guitar riff. Definitely my favorite part so far. The intermediate section with the spacey synths was cool, I just wasnt expecting it to go back to badass-distorted guitar solo mode. Still pretty sweet tho. Awesome piano section. Thats my new favorite part of this song. The guitar solo/riffing over that part fits better and makes much more sense to me. Transitions well into the driving, movement section. I like the rhythm guitar tone that comes in with the organ around 4:05. Good closure with the ending

Not much to critique here, I think this song is definitely complete. You are talented, have good taste in instrumentation, and put down a very coherent recording despite being so intricate. By any chance have you listened to the Trigun anime soundtrack? I used to listen to that a few years back and this song sounds like it was influenced by it haha. not a bad thing

Heres my link. Not really a crit thread, but I could use a crit anyways. Thanks
Thanks for the reviews! Now your tune: sounds very cool except the screaming guitar at 1:20 (and similar harmonics) hurts my ears. The guitar at 2:00 sounds good. My ears are sensitive to high frequencies, especially headphones, which I now am listening on; during much of this song I can't listen to it very loud. It's funny this doesn't sound acoustic guitar based at all....until the ending. I like the various keyboards a lot. The song itself is very good!
Alright man,

Song is just kicking in now. Nice drum fill to kick off the groove aaaand I like where things have started off. Fun vibe with a little bit of mysterious at the end. Drums continue to mix up and keep things interesting. I am recognizing a harmony during that mysterious part... do you listen to The Fall of Troy at all?

Like that lead guitar tone that comes through, but wait? It has disappeared... come back! Oh, there it is... but it sounds different now? When the lead comes back it kind of sounds muddy, or far away somehow... maybe ease off the distortion? Don't get me wrong, I like what it is playing a lot, I just wish I could hear it a little more distinctly.

The third time the lead guitar comes back it sounds great but it definitely sounds a little murky the second time you hear it... not sure what the deal is with that but I think I am hearing a difference in the guitar tone itself, not the stuff around it.

Cool double-picking riff there, like how you added some life to what I'll call the main idea to it.

Lead after the double-picking riff is reminiscent of David Gilmoure and now that the song is coming to a close, I am definitely reminded of earlier Radiohead, around the "OK Computer" era, maybe a little earlier, not really in the instrumentation and songwriting but in the harmonies you use and the emotions you create.

The synth solo could be a bit higher in the mix but I like what you are playing... the level difference between the solo synth and the solo guitar is apparent when the guitar cuts in and takes over.

Now, without vocals, I feel like you could have ended it where it breaks at 5:23 because it is now starting to lose my attention you've been using the same progressions a lot, and even though you dress up those harmonies with different articulations and ornamentations, it still has the same "feel" to it because you have chosen to keep the same progressions. You do a good job creating many nuances within your ideas. Around 7:03 you drop everything to acoustic -- maybe experiment with doing this earlier in the song and transitioning it into the bigger part?

Sorry about the disjointed nature of my comments, but I hope you found my suggestions useful. Overall, I enjoyed the piece, and while I may have had suggestions, I'm obviously not a musical authority and your song sounds fine as is.
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honestly, i liked it. but to me i didn't see a lot of direction. in a kind of muzak kind of way, and some part of your song does actually sound a little muzak-ish. i kind of picture it in a video game or a computer game or something like that. don't get me wrong, everything sounds good, parts are played well, has some cool musical ideas i think, but i felt as an instrumental it didn't have a strong melody. i just finished listening to it and i honestly couldn't hum back the melody. BUT this is why i think it would work in a video game or something because it IS a cool song, but it could be played behind something without being too distracting.

that's just my honest opinion though. it was coo to me, but didn't really have a hook which even in an instrumental, you should be thinking about. like cliffs of dover by eric johnson. it's instrumental, but it has such a catchy chorus section. just my two cents.

i have an instrumental too if you wouldn't mind taking a look. it has a spacey intro as well as a spacey over all vibe. very hendrix like space jam kinda thing. just basically wanted to make a song that sounds like flying through space.

Thanks for the feedback!

I agree with most of the comments above, does work best as background music rather than by itself. The general sound reminds me style-wise of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, it meanders a lot more than I was expecting it to which definitely helped maintain my interest, great ideas and transitions between them throughout. My main criticism is the production, the drums are slightly too quiet in the mix for my liking (especially the kick) and a lot of the instruments seem to be competing for the same frequency space.
Let me start off by saying thanks for the crit, You just reminded me I forgot to add some tape to the song haha.

Great tune you have here! Listened to it a couple of times already, its definitly going on my ipod. P=

Not much i can crit on what has been said already. I love the melodies you have in this especially the guitar tone nice job on that btw, Mind if i ask how you recorded the guitars they sound? what gauge you using? haha other than that nothing really bad about the song you def got some great licks. Rock on dude! \m/