That was actually really nice! I liked the bit where the drums came in Are you going to be doing anything with this? It'd make a nice intro to a song

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Totally awesome! It sounds much like something my dad would come up with. He's influenced me a lot of course so it's also similar to some of the softer things I like to play. Nice and original harmonies, uncomplicated and pretty. And agree with BigSmokeDawg, liked the drums (foot )

Here you can check out an instrumental I've made
Thanks man. Really enjoyed Mahogany Vibe btw, you kept it fresh throughout and everything flowed into eachother really smoothly. The break after the solo at like 2:39 was real nice in particular. Was a fan of the chord progressions in general too. Only complaint is that I felt it ended quite weakly, it felt a bit dragged at that point, was hoping for a more interesting section to finish on, before the clean outro that is. But otherwise good effort man.