First song I made a while ago (long while ago in GP5 actually, but I changed it up a bit) and recently came back to it and added some piano stuff and a weird triangle to it and it sounds real trippy, yo.

Second song is more new. I had a nice bassline and was just messing around in reaper and ended up making it play backwards among other things being played backwards and it gave me a p cool sound imo.

Critic one or both and I'll be sure to critic back to you. Thanks.
Going on Endless - I like the reversed stuff at the end, that sounds really cool! I don't much care for the little melody in the background though. It sounds out of tune with all the other stuff. Guitar work was great though!

Road to Roads - This is indeed trippy! I really like this one actually. Nicely done!

Thanks for the crit on my track, sorry it took me so long to reply!
Going On Endless:
This could definatly a great intro to an album or only song, since its buildung up really nicely. I personally liked the little background melody, it adds depth to the song!

Road to Roads:
I'll comment that later when theres some weed around
Thanks for the comments so far. I'm glad my experimenting with stuff has been a success so far I've been working on an Autumn album and plan to feature these songs in it, I already got a couple more songs that I got down too. Hopefully you guys like it as well.
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