I'm deciding between getting a Vox Pathfinder 15w or a Peavey Rage 258.
I play a bit of everything, with an Ibanez Gio and a Dean ZX. Do you guys have any experience with either of these amps? And if so, what did you like about them or what didn't you like about them?
Fender mustang, Peavey Vypyr, Vox VT, Roland Cube.

Check these out, they can do just about any style you want and all make a version in the $100 range.
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I've tested out the Fender Mustang, I actually didn't like it much. I've tested the Peavey and Vox too, and I like them both, that's why I'm asking about them. How does the Roland compare? I've seen it around but haven't heard or tested it out.
The Roland Cubes are pretty decent amps. Sorta overpriced in my opinion, but if you like the sound and can get a good deal on one, I'd recommend it.

I've never heard the Peavey you're referring to, but I have played the Vox. Great clean and overdriven-like sound. Plays well with pedals. Can't do distortion well, though. At least, amp distortion. But they're great, and cheap used. I'd get one if I had the cash. I chose the Mustang just because I prefer more amp models and versatility for right now.
Get a used Vypyr 30. Should only run you $100-120.
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Quote by Robbgnarly
Fender mustang, Peavey Vypyr, Vox VT, Roland Cube.

Check these out, they can do just about any style you want and all make a version in the $100 range.


the pathfinder's actually not bad if you're after a sorta voxy sound on a (very low) budget, but i wouldn't say it's that versatile. considering the guitars you're looking at, i'd look elsewhere.

haven't tried the rage, i don't think. But generally speaking a decent cheaper modeller which has a range of pretty-decent-for-the-price tones is a better idea than an SS combo which isn't anywhere near as versatile and probably doesn't sound any better, either. and which isn't much cheaper.
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