I'm a guitarist.Since last winter i'm constantly searching memebers to form a band.I have only bad luck with this.Firstly,i play guitar,i play 3 years but never had a band.I first found a guitarist that couldn't even play and couldn't arrange a rehearshal.Then i found another guitarist and bassist who played only a few months and were pretty arrogant and played horrible.Then i found a drummer who was pretty good but when we arranged to rehearse,at the last minute,he didn't show up.Recently i put an advertisment on the newspaper to search for a drummer to form a band,i said that i want from 15-20 years old.Several guys called me up and once i told them im 17 they said "oh,you're too young",then i said "the advertisment says 15-20 years old"..I see soooo many local bands in my city having rehearshal rooms,recording demos at studios,playing tons of liveshows,having a small fanbase..I asked members from different local bands,if they are interested but they said they aren't and don't have time...What should i do?? I feel so angry and desperate right now..I really want to form a decent band with members who can at least be true and arrange something
Where should i look next??
You can always try to get your friends into music.

And yes, at your age no one will take you seriously. Thats a fact.

Other than that, I don't think there's much you can do about it.
Yeah, ask your friends. You might find a bass player easily (sorry, bassists but basslines are usually pretty simple). He doesn't need to know how to play. Just wait some time and he can play some simple basslines. And he will get better fast. Good example: Ron McGovney from Metallica (their first bassist). (I'm not saying he was a great bassist but at least he could play Metallica's music which isn't the easiest in the world.) He couldn't play anything until Hetfield taught him how to play the bass. You could teach your friend to play the bass.

Ahh, drummers... They never show up to practices and if they show up, they will be late. That's just what drummers are. Try to find a half decent drummer, for example if one of your friends can play drums. Playing skills don't really matter that much. You'll learn to play by playing together as much as possible. Everybody can improve their skills if they want to. Also the band chemistry is the most important. Your guitarist could be the best in the world but if you can't play together, it just doesn't work. So skills don't matter as much as how you can play together and if your playing styles support each other.
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Just keep posting ads or try and get your friends to form a band. I've been trying to both. I have yet to post ads (no car), but I ask my friends and they're all like 'nahh i can't write music and I don't know how to play".....>.> blegh.

but yeah, just try and keep trying. You'll find people eventually. I hope I do too haha. I'm super excited to be in a band some day
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And yes, at your age no one will take you seriously. Thats a fact.

No, it's not a fact. You just have to prove yourself.

Do you have a demo, kauna? That's the first step towards proving yourself. Even if it is just a youtube video of you cranking out in your room. If someone who is a few years older (say, 20-ish) dials in and sees that you can really play, he/she may well be interested. If all they have to go on is that you're 17 and have been playing for three years and your mom says you're really good, then you really can't blame them for being less than enthusiastic.

That, and get out there where musicians are hanging out. Meet those people who ARE out there and doing it, and make connections. Be sure that they know you can play (like that YOuTube demo or whatever) and they will have you in mind when a buddy of theirs quits his band and wants to start a new one, or when a buddy of theirs needs a guitarist.

Also, establish something that sets you apart from the other legions of 17-year-old metal guitarists. Be that person who is willing and able to do backup vocals, or that person who is interested in helping to write (and has songs that he has written as evidence of that), or hell, even the person who has a PA and a jam space at his house.

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