Got a dyed\tinted body all done, but I'm looking for a good clear coat to put over it. Would prefer something I can get at a store like Lowe's or Home Depot over ordering if possible. Last guitar, I used duplicolor auto clear and it's starting to chip easily. Not sure if that's a weak clear or I just didn't use enough. Thanks!
I've gotten good results from the Valspar brand clear at Lowes. There is a temptation to spray it thick, but it won't turn out in your favor. Just remember to do several light coats.
Get some of this - http://www.repaintsupply.com/pd_2_part_2k_aerosol.cfm ... Sprays like a spray can, cures solid within 24 hours (although I'd recommend leaving it 72 hours) and you only need one can ... no messing with can after can, coat after coat!

Warning though: do it in a garage/out-house and wear highest protection face/respiratory mask you can lay your hands on.
Ok, so UG doesn't allow any outside links now? The product is SprayMax 2K Aerosol Clear (Serial No SMT 3680061) < Google it