This was my grandfathers guitar. The only thing I know is that it is a Gibson with 4-strings serial number 165211. I think it might be what is called a tenor guitar, but I am clueless. Any information would be very much appreciated, thank you.
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It appears to have been made in 1964. That's all I can tell.

Did you check the profile of the user you read that from

I have what I believe (after a bit of research) is a 1965 Gibson TG-25 Tenor guitar serial number 165211 with factory D'Armond pickup in good condition & sounds great when played. I am thinking about selling it, but have no idea about an asking price. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated because I know nothing when it comes to guitars and would appreciate the help.


OP go to the acousticguitarforum. They specialize in acoustic guitars that and they would be the ones to ask. If they can't help you out (many luthiere's vist there) no one can.

Online, I don't see an overload of info.

This post was asking for 1000$. Similar, but not the same,
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