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This is a really rough mix I made this afternoon. Drums are processed, only other post-effects are a LPF on the rhythm guitars and a small treble boost on the lead(s) to help them cut through. I haven't got around to any editing or other mixing/processing yet. Only levels have been adjusted.


C4C as always!


EDIT: Over the afternoon, completed a slightly different mix (2nd link).
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Me too, you've done well Did you come up with it by yourself? If yes you've got talent. I've never tried to rearrange others songs. Well I thought about turning some classical melody into some rock/metal stuff, but I didn't have any idea. It's not so easy, so I definitely give you credit for that. Recording quality and the mix are also nice, though I suppose that the bass could be brought up a bit. Overall great work, keep it up

And if you want to you can check my song:
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The first link didn't work, but the second one did. I actually stayed at the same hotel, same time as Prime Minister Trudeau was at on vacation in the 70's in Maui. He broke the diving board there I heard. Secret Service guards trying to look inconspicuous in suits at Maui? That was funny. Your recording sounds fine to me. Playing is good. Please review my music at this link: