I have what I believe (after a bit of research) is a 1965 Gibson TG-25 Tenor guitar serial number 165211 with factory D'Armond pickup in good condition & sounds great when played. I am thinking about selling it, but have no idea about an asking price. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated because I know nothing when it comes to guitars and would appreciate the help.
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i believe 1,600-1,700 would be a good selling price. this is based off of what others are selling for and my own knowledge
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Thank you for your help & WOW it would be terrific if I could get close to that.
It won't be worth $1,700. I say around $1,000-1,100 or less. I could be wrong although but this is just a guess at what I have seen these sold at.
You know the guitar is like a little real estate - in some time it can just grow in value because of the wood structure and the sound. if it's real Gibson with no Chinese copy then it's price can be from 900$ I think. Who played on it?

Because you can mention player too here if he was well-known person
Good luck