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I know the usual 2 note per string shapes, but someone pointed this out to me yesterday.


That's not a fingering pattern that I've ever used, though he seems pretty fast. Does anyone here use it for real? The stretches seem huge on the lower frets for example?

I've seen a good few people play pentatonics like that for certain ideas, it just lends itself to a different way of phrasing at a different sound.

It's definitely possible to play pentatonics like that on the lower frets although it is more taxing for the fretting hand. As the guy in the video says, Frank Gambale plays like that all the time, Santiago Dobles is another relatively well known guy who plays like that a lot... I can't think of anyone else off the top of my head but they're guys to listen to if you want to hear what can really be done playing like this.

I will say though that I believe your confusion stems from too much reliance on finger patterns rather than really knowing the scales you're using. If you know the scales then you don't need to rely on other people giving you things like this and you can take your knowledge and use it to achieve your own ends rather than being spoon-fed ideas like this from outside sources.
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