hi everyone

I've been recently searching for a do-it-all device and I was drawn to PX5D!

since I couldn't try it I searched the web about it and I was so perplexed when I saw how contradictory the comments about this device were!

some were so happy and were calling it one of the best devices out there and some

say that it has awful distortions and is very noisy!

there were also people who said the PX4D sounded much better than this one!( the confusing thing is that I read several places that the distortion on PX4D is also fake and plastic-sounding.)

I'm really confused now! can anyone give me some helpful info?
I have the PX4D. It's a nice portable headphone amp sized multifx. The drums and bass patterns make for good jam times. The synth FX are cool. But I wouldn't consider it at the same level as most floor FX for amp models and distortion tones. If you need something that's portable as in clips on your guitar for headphone use, it rocks. If you just need a multifx for home it sucks (not really but you can do better).
Thank you so much for you reply mate

yes I'm looking for a portable do-it-all headphone amp and I don't expect superb quality sounds but two things are important

1.good and warm sounding distortion
2.no noise please!

are you happy with these two things about your Korg?
Yes, I'm happy with the Korg. I have no idea if the PX4 is better sounding than the PX5.
many thanks buddy. so generally you say that distortion is good and it's not noisy?