Hi UG T&B, I've written a 2-part suite called "The Butterfly Effect". A huge departure from my previous works, I've been experimenting on GP for new sounds and I came up with this electrorock-progressive-dubstep song and a simple alternative rock song. This gives it a some sort of contrast between songs inside the suite. Check it out and feel free to comment.
I'm listening to 1 atm and I gotta say, this is freaking sweet. Gonna review this better in a while.
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Listened to the first part and I agree with Ometh that this sounds really cool.
Are you influenced by Muse? Because somehow it totally reminds me of New Born mixed with some dubstepish attemps

I have to say this is a straight forward rock song with the eighth rhythm of guitar and bass so I personally think the jazzy part which I suppose should be the Vers doesn´t fit quite well. But that´s just my own opinion. I´ll give it another listen tomorrow and get used to it hopefully

What I really liked was the part after 105 when you changed the measure. Also I enjoyed the riff at 121 and the solo too. Well done!

I have changed the drums at 153 when the Chorus (I suppose) kicks in so that the same beat doesn´t go on for too long
If you´re interested I will upload it.

Overall you wrote a strong piece of music which I enjoyed listening to.
Just started the first part and I am actually liking this so much. It's like a spaced out, more old school take on early Muse and I love it. Now for the next part...

EDIT: Holy crap the second part beats the first. The electronic parts actually worked really well (and now I know how to make those sounds on guitar pro thanks to your tab, LOL), but what really gets me is your use of delay. It's just so... tasteful, most noticeably from 66 onwards. Fantastic stuff
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This is some really good shit.
The Muse influence is REALLY obviously, I must say though you're the only person I've seen who can emulate Muse, that's impressive.
How do you pull off that 'dubstep' section on a guitar? I know Muse use a Kaoss pad for that, wonder what you were planning?
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Oh my, the section at bar 25 is a real beauty <3

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