Hey guys, I have a show coming up on the 12th of Oct, and my Line 6 Echo Park decided to be a diva. When in the chain, by itself, with it's own power supply or battery it won't send any signal through. The light, however, is on and I can still tap tempo (the led appropriates itself accordingly). I'm guessing it's one of my jacks, but I don't know electronics and wiring very well, so some guidance would be very much appreciated.

Thanks everyone
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If you can afford it, your local guitar shop should be able to repair it.

Not worth it.
Be far cheaper to buy a new pedal than take it to a tech.

You could take it apart and look for loose connections or find a tech savvy friend to repair it.
Or buy a new pedal.

Or learn how to repair it yourself.
But that would take to long to learn in time for your upcoming gig
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^ maybe not, that pedal is pretty expensive from what I remember. If it is a wiring or jack problem you could probably see yourself, anyways a quote is always free.
Open it up and take some pics then post them here - someone should be able to help.

If it is the audio connectors, that's not too difficult to fix if you've got a soldering iron. Or know someone who has.
A shop will severely overcharge for it (my local shop is charging me 70$ to reconnect the USB port on my Pod) but that's still gonna be cheaper than say, replacing it.

But really, if it's something simple, you should be able to take the pedal apart and see if a wire came loose, and you'll surely know at least somebody that knows how to resolder it. And if not, just Youtube it, it's not hard to learn how to do.
If it is one of the jacks, it would most likely be the outout jack (if the LED comes on, that means the input jack is not likely the culprit)...but...
Does it pass signal when off?
If it passes signal when off, then its not a jack.
Most liekly a bad solder joint.
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It doesn't pass signal.

Likely causes:
1. Bad solder joint.
2. Bad output jack connection.

Look for solder joints/pads that may have lifted off of the PCB.

Try and post a CLEAR, and close up picture of the circuit board, maybe one of us can see something.
I think I would be more concerned if your Echo Park could park your car.
Then again, that would be pretty cool.
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Wow, well I know what my Echo park looks like inside now. Really hard to tell anything, but it's probably one of the jacks not connecting with the board if it was ever stepped on or dropped with the cables in, try wiggling them with the guitar plugged in is all I can suggest. Shit, I hope mine don't break.
UPDATE: My Echo Park echoes!!! and parks!! But there's still an issue. I have a line 6 Verbzilla, so I switched the modules (they're Tonecores) and the echo park worked fine, so it's something to do with the dock. I had a friend look it over, and we couldn't find any bad solder...
Does the Verbzilla module work in the original Echo Park dock?

If not then look around the dock connector - are there any bent pins or loose wires?

If not, you can buy replacement docks without having to buy the whole pedal again