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I did this for fun and because I I had nothing to do so Don't expect my best work or anything. I Love the new order. love joy division more, but I suppose that doesn't really matter. I dont exactly play the song the same way, I suppose the chord structure is the same, buts its sped up a bit and there isnt long instrumental passages like the original. Anyway this is kinda a bit of a departure from my usual sound. I usually don't use electronic drum loops or the heavy fuzzy disco bass sound. I guess I was just experimenting out of boredom. Anyway.... tell me how does it feel?
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Thank you for the reviews! Now your cover tune. New Order is one of my favorite (predominantly) synth bands & I think "Blue Monday" is their best song. It's not easy to compete with the original, because some of the original synths sound so good to me (though recently I read they sampled some human chorus pad sound from a Kraftwerk song which surprised me). Anyway, this is what I think of your cover version: I think it sounds better the second time I heard it (though it only played for 20 seconds the second time it played, you might check that). If I didn't know better I'd say you recorded a real drum set in your garage. This recording has a live recording vibe to it, which is fairly interesting. Overall it sounds pretty good for a cover version, though after hearing the original for what, over 25 years?, the original is tough to beat (that's the main reason I don't record covers anymore, they're never half as good as the original when I record them). The vocals are not far removed from actual New Order vocals (especially if live), so that's a compliment. The synths & guitar sound fairly good if recorded live, though somewhat lo-fi if a purely studio recording. Your actual playing is good.