Hey, I'm not sure where to place my hand while strumming fast for an example


Where would I play my hand? Would I rest it on the bridge? or have my forearm rest on the body of the guitar and strum moving my wrist?
Basically I want it to sound even and not like I miss one string messing up the whole rhythm

So any tips and pointers and some pictures would help.
Have your forearm lightly (read: lightly, no tension needed) rest on the guitar, and move your wrist to strum.

If you're having trouble, slow it down and practice at a comfortable speed. Remember to make your motions small and economical, and above all make sure you're relaxed. Things to look for are fretting with too much force, tension in the picking hand forearm, shoulder and holding the pick too tight.
Alright thanks! I'll that in mind! So I should not rest my hand on the bridge just my forearm rest on the guitar and nothing else?