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you're making us watch a commercial.
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I don't think I've ever played anything in black walnut. It's a great ice cream flavor, so I assume it works well for a strat too.

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The slugs in the pickups for telecasters are from old winchester rifles, which is why they sound so country.
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Quote by gregs1020
you're making us watch a commercial.

didn't mean too. this whole thread is an experiment anyway

what i just learned is that if there is any garbage after the main youtube link - remove it

like this
url] blah bla blah

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Wait we got youtube tags now?
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I was incredibly drunk and only really remember writing a fanfic where ESP was getting porked by a pony.

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I'd honestly fap to anything with a set of genitals as long as I find it aesthetically appealing.
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Quote by losing battle
Wait we got youtube tags now?

All you need is the normal url tags and it does the rest for you.
Pretty cool, huh?
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^^ looks that way

I didn't have to use a special tag though - like on

On Rig Talk you have to parse out the name (JBGu7qDO) or whatever and put it into
(Invalid youtube)

here i just copied the URL link like I always would and there it is
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The elusive Bloodbath tone.

I've read that it's an HM-2 into a DSL, but I'm not so sure about that anymore. I have no idea what it is, but it's so ****ing good.
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^ Reminds me a lot of Carcass tone during Heartwork, very fat, but still defined, not a hot mess like so much death metal.
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My mkV nails this tone. I love it.
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See, it's important that people clarify when they say "metal", because I pretty much always assume they are a Cannibal Corpse fanboi.
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@ihartfood Thing is, an Axe FX models that amp (as well as doing all that other stuff it can do) for $1300 less.

However, I still want one (after a Mesa MkV or Road King II) if I start collecting heads.
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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH

Man, I'm chasing this tone and I'm the one who had it. Just can't seem to match it anymore. I think my pickups were lower back then too and I think I was using the parallel loop. Fack. That was probably my favorite tone I ever got out of Brigand too.
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