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Why can't mine do that...?

Because the whole thing is quad (I think) tracked, mixed and mastered? It isnt only the guitar + amp recorded straight you are hearing.

*edit* Hell, Ola just released a Marshall MG15 vid and made it sound good!

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Pretty much nail this tone on the VH4
The mesa isn't tight enough and the rockerverb sounds too dark (and also isn't tight enough).

Bloody awesome cover too. I especially like what they've done with the guitar solo's.
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Billy Anderson, who produced this album, is actually mixing and mastering our sophomore album. Can't wait to get some samples back to see how they sound, extremely stoked!!
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I love the intro to this song.


Those harmonics in EVH's tone are amazing!

No wonder why his tone is one of the most wanted ones (if not THE most wanted one).
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