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I've bought a Stagg MOB 20 for busking, and it says that it has a minimum of 10 hours of charge, but it cut out on me after 2 hours of busking last week. It was the first time I'd used it for a long period, but I'd charged it the full night before leaving it plugged in - am I doing anything wrong? Any tips to increase the battery life?
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Tried to search for it, one of the first results was your identical post on TGP - guess people don't talk about it all that much!

To tell you the truth, I think 2 hours about the amount of battery life I'd expect from a guitar+vocal amp running off a 12v battery. The quoted life is probably at low volume, in perfect conditions and temperature etc.

Is the battery user-replaceable?
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Haha, well I was worried beause I'm busking today and I had no responses! I guess I'll just have to make do, thanks
And I'm not sure how I'd check that?
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i would contact manufacturer, express your concerns to them. if the battery is not working well, they may replace it or at least tell you how to do so.

i can find no manual on this product online
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One thing about rechargable batteries is you really should run them to near dead before charging again.
Failure to do so may shorten their life and reduce the time that they produce the needed voltage to run whatever they are running.
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I have been, but after a 16 hour charging session it just lasted 20 minutes
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