Pretty good composition. I like the solos a lot. They're exciting and they fit the song well; not too shreddy. The guitar tone is good.
Thanks guys! Should have the EP out within the next two weeks.
On this song I played the rhythm guitar straight through on an orange rockerverb mk1 with my drummer to no click, so it has a very live and human feel. Did the solos with an axe fx ultra and gibson SG.
Thanks Jehannum! I feel like its important to be able to sing a solo so it can't be all show, has to be memorable melody-wise.
Thanks Westley23j!! I'm glad you dig the vocals!! means a lot to me!
Production is awesome and the song is good too. The singing is a little bit pitchy here and there, nothing huge though. Most people probably won't notice although it should still be worked on.
Good photo, the ladies should like that. Some of the vocals sound quite good, other parts sound rather pitchy (I recommend Melodyne). Guitar playing is quite good overall. Drums sound quite good especially the intro. I like the bass. The song itself is rather good. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Thanks Aaron! but to be honest I don't like vocals being auto tuned or melodyned out to perfection because it kills a song to me, especially in rock and roll. But I understand your point.

Thanks Westley! Checked out your soundcloud and I was digging that instrumental, love that progression! Nice.